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Head and Neck Isolator – The Vantage Research Team

The Vantage Research Team Utilizes  the Head and Neck Isolator Machine.

vindex                                            Flexion Bottom 1 Flexion Nuetral Pos Lateral Flexion 7 Lateral Flexion 4 Neck Extension 9 MHS Weight Room 4

                                                          Tilt 6                        A Special Group and Special Machine explore methods of lowering concussive forces

Sometimes It Takes A Village

Sometimes It Takes A Village

I use this old Nigerian Proverb to illustrate what it takes to educate, enlighten and make a real difference in a young person’s life. Minnetonka High School located in beautiful Minnesota is special in it’s own right. Now you add the Vantage Program and well I was simply amazed at what they are able to accomplish in a high school setting.


  Under the direction of Chris Pears, the Vantage Program is thriving!


VANTAGE, Minnetonka’s Advanced Professional Studies program, is a dynamic collaboration between Minnetonka High School and the professional community. For students who want to gain a deep understanding of and actively participate in a high-demand profession, VANTAGE offers an inspiring, hands-on program, combining rigorous coursework with dynamic project-based learning in a collaborative professional environment.
Project II is being conducted and administered by the Vantage Program.  Under the direct supervision of Legendary Strength Coach Mark Asanovich.
The Vantage students are attempting to reproduce or possibly exceed the research of Project Neck 1, conducted by concussion researcher Dr. Ralph Cornwell, Jr. The New research study is being conducted in the name of concussion reduction,protection from spinal cord injuries and allowing athletes to compete safely through the proper preparation of the head, neck and upper back regions of human body.
The Forum
The CONCUSSION SUMMIT will be held at the Forum, located on the Minnetonka Campus. At the Summit, the Vantage Research Team will present their finding to the world during The CONCUSSION SUMMIT. There will be an opportunity to become a CERTIFIED  Head and Neck Training Specialist issued through the HEAD, NECK And SPINE INSTITUTE.
If you are interested in attending or becoming certified please register by going to this website
How does a Village factor into the equation of Vantage, Project Neck II Research Study and Education in general ?
It starts with the Chief-Dr. Dennis Peterson, continues with The Director- Chris Pears along with the very talented  group of Vantage Educators, then the supervisor of research Mark Asanovich and finally a consultant, Dr. Ralph Cornwell, Jr., observing from the mountains of Blacksburg, Virginia.
                                                 That is a formidable Village of Educators indeed!